Woman Reading
The Attic Studio
Green Stripe
Luxe, Calme Et Volupte
Harmony In Red
Red Studio
The Painter's Family
Zorah On The Terrace
Composition: The Yellow Curtain
Bathers by the River
The Painter and His Model
The Artist and His Model
Interior at Nice
Decorative Figure
The Sorrows of the King
The Snail (L'Escargot)

The Snail
1953; Goauche on cut-paper, 9' 4 3/4" x 9' 5" Tate Gallery, London

This composition of rectangular and squarish patches form a snail-like shape, this has no precedent in Matisse's career. "The Snail" is one of Matisse's final works. It points to the fact that his career could go on indefinitely, and to directions that later art would take beyond his own lifetime. The various works of Ellsworth Kelly, Kenneth Noland, and Frank Stella are instances of how Matisse's insights would later be fulfilled.

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